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Waynco Limited - Nelson Aggregate

Delivery Address
1417 Waynco Road
Cambridge On.
N1R 5S6

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1238
Cambridge On.
N1R 6C9

Located on the sourth side of Cambridge, 2 miles south of Regional Road 97 and east of Hwy 24 on Waynco Rd. Cambridge, Ontario, L0R 1B2. Our service area covers west to Kitchener and east to Oakville and south to Hamilton and the Niagara area.

Contact Information
Office: 519-623-0240
Fax: 519-623-3954
Sales: Ivan Veg

Our History

Waynco Limited is located in Cambridge, Ontario and the company name is a derivative of its founder name, Wayne Heaman. He began the company in 1974 with the acquisition of the Stuehler Pit located at the Glen Morris cutoff and Hwy 24. In 1978 he purchased and licensed part of the Myers farm down the road from the Stuehler Pit and started to extract materials from this location. The Stuehler pit sat dormant for several years but has recently been reactivated. Although it is small in size, it has coarse reserves making it ideal for supplementing our round stone inventory and for custom crushed gravel.

In 1986 the company was purchased by Nelson Aggregate Co.. Shortly there after Waynco had the opportunity to purchase a second part of the Myers Farm in 1987. Waynco quickly closed the deal and immediately started licensing procedures in 1988. The license was received in 1992 but mining did not commence until 1994.

Waynco started concentrating on specialty products, particularly Natural Round Stones ranging in size from 25 mm up to 600mm in 1986 and has been the front runner in this product line since 1990. This product is quite popular with Garden Centres and in landscape applications as well as used extensively, in creek rehabilitation and erosion control applications.

By 1998 the company had exhausted the original Myers Farm purchased years earlier and moved its manufacturing operation across the road to the newest section of land. Waynco is now the sole occupant residing on both sides of the local road and as part of the licensing agreement they reconstructed the road which lies between Hwy 24 and Cheese Factory Rd.. In the year 2000 the road's name was officially change from Concession 7&8 North Dumfries to Waynco Rd.

Waynco's operation is conscious of its environmental impact and is constantly vigilant in keeping the surrounding habitat and wildlife intact. It is not unusual to see why students are attracted to the site, obtaining hands on experience about geology, hydrology, ecology and various other fields of education.

Nelson Aggregate Co. & those associated with the Waynco operation are proud to be apart of its heritage and are dedicated in continuing to produce high quality aggregate materials for its customers and its community in an economical and responsible manner.