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Health & Safety Policy

Work place safety is the most important part of the Nelson's operation. Nelson constantly holds training sessions to train and remind all our employees that their safety and that of their fellow works are never compromised and to be constantly vigilant towards unsafe equipment or situations. Regularly scheduled checks of our safety equipment and updates to our Emergency response plans insures proper assistance is available on a timely basis should it ever be required.

Nelson Aggregate Co. and Waynco Limited

The health and safety of our employees, customers and members of the public with whom we interact, is of fundamental importance. We integrate health and safety objectives into our management process at all levels of the company.

Nelson Aggregate Co. is committed to providing a safe workplace, and will provide ongoing training in safe work procedures. We expect each employee in turn, to actively support our safety initiatives and work at all times in a responsible manner.

Injuries and causes of ill health in the workplace can be eliminated, but only if we all work together on the prevention.

May 2013
Quinn Moyer, President